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Every child is unique – growth and development happen differently for every child. The developmental milestones chart linked above shows what typical growth and development look like. Child and Family Connections (CFC) is a State of Illinois program that provides free evaluations for children age birth through 35 months – no matter what your income level or insurance status is. If you have any questions about your child’s growth or development, please call CFC.

Encourage other parents with concerns about their child’s development to speak with their health care or child care professional and to contact Child and Family Connections. The earlier a delay or disability is identified, the better the chance that intervention services can help a child reach his or her potential.
888-329-0633 toll-free number
815-937-3847 to contact the Kankakee office directly
815-730-2617 for Spanish
Early Intervention Information can be found on the Department of Human Services website at:

Program eligibility is determined at an Initial Evaluation Meeting. To qualify for ongoing therapy, your child must be experiencing a delay or have a major medical diagnosis that puts them at risk for developing a delay. CFC connects your family with early intervention credentialed therapists in the area to provide therapy to your child in his/her natural environment. Evaluations and therapy sessions can occur in your home. Communications will occur in your (the parent’s) native language or mode of communication, unless it is not possible, or an interpreter is present.

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