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Top 10 Things Kids Need to Start Kindergarten

1.  Read with your child everyday. Reading builds vocabulary and a love of learning.

2.  Teach your child to be self-sufficient, particularly when it comes to getting dressed and using the bathroom. With more time spent on early academics in kindergarten, there’s less time for teaching things like tying shoelaces.

3.  Let your child use school tools such as pencils, markers, crayons, and scissors. This will not only improve fine motor skills, it will build imagination.

4.  Give your child daily opportunities to use large muscles. Get them off the couch and into the yard.

5.  Teach them to write their own names and know the letters in their names.

6.  Teach them colors, shapes, and to count to at least 10.

7.  Give them opportunities to play cooperatively with other children and to learn to take turns and share.

8.  Encourage your child to listen and use words to express ideas and feelings.

9.  Talk with your child- enjoy the sounds of language together.

10.  Give your child opportunities for imaginative play.



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